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Terms of Use


♡ No REFUNDS on Digital Items. You will still have the item and ability to download.


♡You are free to Upscale/Downscale/port my mods please only include the 3D file and Link back to the original post. (You do not need to ask me unless stated).

DO NOT port to Bibo Lithe+ (This is not because I hate or shame the body)

♡You may port my content to other items, please credit and link back.

♡Please do not re-upload my content anywhere without my permission.

♡Under any circumstances you may not port my NSFW content to Lalafell.

♡You may NOT use my content for paid/private commissions or behind a paywall.

♡You may NOT use my assets for paid/private commission's or behind a paywall.

♡You are free to edit my ports for personal use but edits to anything I have made completely myself must be public.

♡You may NOT port any of my Lalafell content to Redefined Vanilla Lalafell body by Minou

DO NOT rip any part of my models to use in your work.

DO NOT port to to other games, without my elicit in writing permission.


Feel free to contact me beforehand if there is something you are unsure about.

"I try my best but sometimes my best is not good enough and I am passionate about what I do ♡"

— BabyBelleDesigns/Kurumu

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