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[BBD] Textools: Advance Modpack Easy Mode.
In this guide I will show you an easy way on how to create an advance Modpack in Textools.This is for those who have a general idea on how Modpacks and creating mods work.1. First of all import the 3D and textures for one version. *Adjust the Metadat...
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[BBD] FFXIV: Adjusting Headpiece to your hair
FFXIV: Adjusting Headpiece to your hairSo you've come across a headpiece that seems to be floating above your hair or clipping into your modded hair slightly, instead of "bothering the creator" to adjust it, here is a quick tutorial to d...
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[BBD] Ripping Guide
*Please note some content in this guide is a little outdated. I will update as and when I can. Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help with any ripping you may need.  Hey there Kurumu here, I've been ripping games for abou...
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