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[BBD] Gen 3 to Bibo+ Texture Compatiability

 Gen 3 to Bibo+ Texture Compatiability

A simple quick understanding of how to update your Gen 3 Mod to Bibo+. This guide is only for those who use Gen 3 as their main Body and have installed a Bibo+ Mod. This may also work vice versa, you just need to replace your texture with whatever the Body textures are on.

1. First of all you will need the compatibility files which you can find here:

2. Go to your gen 3 mod you want to update textures for.

3. Go onto the model tab(1) and select Import(2)

3. You will then have a pop-up menu, you will want to click update existing(3). this is quicker than the alternative of exporting and importing. You will then want to click Open Editor(4).

4. Once you have clicked open Editor another popup will appear. Assuming the Mods skin is on Group O (which most modded items are) use the drop down menu on the material to select Custom, this will allow you to change letters.

5. Then whichever texture you have your Bibo+ texture on you will want to change this for example if it is on d, you will need to change the b to d.

6. Lastly you will want to click Import ( I won't do this as I do not have Bibo+ Installed)

Once that has been imported, your Textures should now be showing correctly.

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