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[BBD] Textools: Advance Modpack Easy Mode.
In this guide I will show you an easy way on how to create an advance Modpack in Textools.This is for those who have a general idea on how Modpacks and creating mods work.1. First of all import the 3D and textures for one version. *Adjust the Metadat...
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[BBD] FFXIV: Adjusting Headpiece to your hair
FFXIV: Adjusting Headpiece to your hairSo you've come across a headpiece that seems to be floating above your hair or clipping into your modded hair slightly, instead of "bothering the creator" to adjust it, here is a quick tutorial to d...
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[BBD] Accessory Porting
FFXIV: Accessory PortingIn this guide I will show you in easy steps how to do your own Accessory porting. This will be done in 3DS Max as I do not know that much about Blender to be able to write guides with it. The Guide will be broken up into ...
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[BBD] Gen 3 to Bibo+ Texture Compatiability
 Gen 3 to Bibo+ Texture CompatiabilityA simple quick understanding of how to update your Gen 3 Mod to Bibo+. This guide is only for those who use Gen 3 as their main Body and have installed a Bibo+ Mod. This may also work vice versa, you ...
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[BBD] Moving an item to another
 Textools: Moving one item/mod to another I have seen a few people getting confused or not sure how to move items to others, or with mods that done have to convert or on install.I have written out a quick rundown of how to move one item to ...
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[BBD] FFXIV Weapon Porting
 FFXIV WEAPON PORTING GUIDE First of all, I want to thank Milku for helping me get into 3D modding with her guide. In this guide I will show you how to import 3D models into FFXIV - This is only a guide for Weapons. I'm not confident with makin...
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